Street Art in Philadelphia

“… in the streets of Philadelphia”, sings Bruce Springsteen.
And what to you find in the streets of Philadelphia then?

Aug 19 - 17 (2).jpg

Well, apart from great restaurants and juicy sandwiches, you keep meeting nice people everywhere, and then you also spot street art practically each time you turn a corner. I started to look for these paintings everywhere after having been in the city for just a few hours.

Have a look at the varied choice I managed to spot.

Aug 19 - 21 (2).jpg

It did not matter whether you were right in the middle of the city or moving towards the outer edges; large decorated walls can be spotted everywhere; especially by parking lots the large facades were painted.

Aug 19 - 27 (2).jpg
Aug 19 - 31 (2).jpg
Aug 19 - 36.jpg
Aug 19 - 15 (2).jpg

And at the end of the day with all these colourful walls, which one was my favourite?
Not at all a large wall, but a small electrical box on the street with the sweetest dogs and their bright orange noses!