Lovely Sustainable Yarn

19-09 Nomad Noos 2.jpg

Yet again I have supported a new yarn brand via Kickstarter, this time a yarn from Mongolia called Nomad Noos.

This is probably the nicest yarn which I have supported through any Kickstarter campaigns so far and at the same time it is a great sustainable and traceable project, supporting herders in Mongolia and spinners in Nepal. The yarn brand is implementing six of the UN sustainable development goals. As an extra bonus, the fibers are super soft and well spun.

19-09 Nomad Noos 8.jpg

For this campaign, I opted for a workshop held in Florence. We received six skeins of lovely baby camel wool and two skeins of soft fluffy lambs wool. The workshop first introduced us to the works of the project in Mongolia and Nepal, followed by a workshop casting on a new pattern designed by the Italian knit designer Valentina Cosciani. Nice pattern with a lace and two-coloured neckline. Just finished that part and now to the regular raglan and knitting of the body - hope to finish before winter sets in.

19-09 Nomad Noos 14.jpg