Winter Blanket

In the middle of the heat, a winter blanket turns up!

When moving to our new place in New York in 2012, I started a new project of knitting a blanket from the pattern book “The Great American Afghan”.

Having enlarged the blanket with a couple of additional squares, I finally finished knitting it last year. This year has focused on knitting the squares together; weaving in all ends and finally knitting the border.

When it was a project of knitting small squares, it was very suitable for summer knitting. It happens now to be summer when I’m finally ready to knit the borders of the large blanket - so a bit of a hot job!


Instead of sewing the blanket together, I prefer to knit each square together, using the three-needle bind-off method. I find that the slim line of one colour between all the squares bind together well the blanket in the end.


For knitting the squares together, I had not calculated in all the end bits of yarn to attach. Back when knitting each square I had already woven in all yarn ends from the motives of each square with a few exceptions. Even having done all these bits, a lot more ends to weave in awaited me having assembled the blanket. It came to a total of 127 yarn bits. And I still have to weave in more ends on each of the four sides when I have knitted the full edge around the blanket.


I will be looking forward to this winter when I finally can snuggle up in my new cozy blanket.


When next in Copenhagen and you do not know where to take your lunch, I can only recommend you to visit the “Tovehallerne” close to the subway station Nørreport.

19-07 Kbh torvehallerne 01.jpg
19-07 Kbh torvehallerne 08.jpg

It is a bustling out-door marked with lots of food stands from where you can get excellent Danish food, but also food from many other places in the world. I normally go for the Danish simple food, not being spoiled with much Danish in Italy nor in US. This time I had some great fish cakes - really good for a hot summer day.
Another typical Danish lunch would be a few open sandwiches on ryebread and they were quite impressively decorated up high in this market - do try them, should you pass by.

Too bad that I could not being any of the cut flowers or pots of plants with me in the plane back home….

19-07 Kbh torvehallerne 02.jpg

Finishing the Blog Blanket

July 2019 frame yarn 1.jpg

I have been playing around with my 40 (5x8) small squares knitted with inspiration from my blog posts.
First consideration was which colour to bind and frame the many squares.

In the end, I settled for a silver grey as to not make the overall impression of the blanket too dark.

Next step and more difficult is to decide which order all my squares are to be knitted together?

July 2019 random order 2.jpg
July 2019 random order 1.jpg

First possibility: Random order. I took randomly one square at a time from a crumbled pile.

Second possibility would be to do something a bit more colour coordinated. I have tried two versions here.

July 2019 colour order 1.jpg
July 2019 colour order 2.jpg

Finally, as a third option, I have laid them all out in chronological order, as I knitted the squares throughout the past three years (January 2016 - December 2018).

July 2019 chronological 2.jpg

Now it is time to study these photos a bit more and then take a decision. It is not a summer knit to sit with a large blanket in my lap so plenty of time for considering the flow before knitting them all up in the autumn.