On the Road again!

Lisa reached her goal in Los Angeles about one month ago. Here you have her account of her ninth and final day behind the wheels of her car across the USA.


Aw, this is my final posting, of my final day of my journey to Los Angeles!!

Las Vegas was really fun - I spent time with my family, and I had fun at the casino (no, I didn't win!).

My partner and I left Las Vegas early morning at 9am hoping to beat the traffic; we heard about bumper-to-bumper traffic from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on Sundays, but luckily it wasn't too bad.

71 - last casino.jpg
73 - mad greek cafe.jpg
74 - what is this place.jpg

The scenery was basic desert with mountains in the distance, and it was fun to see the final few casinos before crossing the border! We stopped at the Mad Greek Cafe for a coffee. It was a bright blue diner for truckers that has lots of kitschy Greek things! I also had to take a picture of this strangely named road we saw a sign for!

75.1 - 1st view LA.jpg

The traffic started slowing down and backing up once we got to LA. I was able to photograph my first view of downtown. The most frustrating thing about driving in California is that people will pass you on either side, and fast! Forget the wonderfully organized way of driving in Europe, here they go wherever they want, however fast they want!

Our drive took about 4 1/2 hours.

In total, I drove more than 3160 miles (5085 km) through 14 states: 

80 - goal.PNG

New York
New Jersey

Thanks for having joined me on the trip. Fare well.

Follow the yellow brick road

My guest blogger, Lisa’s report from her drive across the USA is nearly getting to its end; just one more update from her, as she is well settling in Los Angeles after her epic drive. Here’s from her eight day of driving, when she finally reaches Las Vegas.


63 - Utah.jpg

My drive today from near Salt Lake City, Utah was very nice, not much traffic. The surroundings were not that interesting, with small mountains in the distance.

I listened to mellow 'classic rock' from the 70's & 80's. Terrific road trip music.

66 - Arizona sign.jpg

I had no idea that I would cross into Arizona for a bit before getting to the Nevada border! It's a good thing I was able to snap a picture of the sign! The 30 mile drive in that sliver of Arizona was breathtaking, then when I crossed into Nevada, the mountains just stopped and it turned into desert again!

68 - Nevada sign.jpg
 Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

The drive that day was less than 6 hours. Coming into Las Vegas, I saw the Strip from a distance. It's so hot here, that it was hazy from a distance.

I returned my car today and blew it a kiss goodbye!! It was a wonderful car to drive.