Dye your own Yarn

190816 Bengala dye 1.jpg
190816 Bengala dye 3.jpg

This August, I went back to a great small weaving studio, Loop of the Loom, on Upper East Side in New York, as they had organised a course on how to dye your own yarn. I always wanted to try it out and the Bengala method, which uses natural mineral colours from the ground, and I learned it was much simpler than I thought. Dying your own yarn should not scare anyone away when using the Bengala method - it’s easy and in addition, it is all natural and uses only very little water.

I got some nice cotton/ramie yarn, which I hope will become a light summer top eventually. I decided to go for a mixture of blue and yellow colour, where the yellow would be slightly less. My intention was to over-colour a bit of the yellow with the blue to get green, but it did not get as green as I had hope; more going from light yellow to light blue - I still very much like the result.

Here you see the progress from start to end:

… of course I ended up with a few bottles of colours to try out myself at home. You’ll get updates when tested.