A few finished projects since last update

As usual, I like to knit during the summer, especially when I can sit outside during the warm summer evenings and enjoy the calm of the twilight and knit. 

West 29.JPG

So I managed to finish a few projects over the summer months.
The first one was a shawl by Stephen West - I only used my scrap and leftover yarn, did not buy one single new ball of yarn, so that was a great project and I probably will knit another one of the yarn I still have left in my trunks - now I know the pattern, I will try to colour coordinate it a bit better, although the first result turned out quite well.

Joji KAL final 9.JPG

But the shawl/wrap which was most enjoyable over the summer months was the one designed by Joji Locatelli. I really enjoyed knitting this and seeing how the colours played up against one another. A real simple knit, which I can recommend to also relative new beginners.



And finally, I finished knitting a small shawl for my aunt with a new technique, which was the cast-off edge. This one turned out to be most more elegant than expected and it present itself as a great gift.

Gretes sjal 3.JPG

MY Colourful scarf

As many other knitters, I have 4-5 different projects going at the same time. These days, when I get bored with some of the more mono-coloured sweaters or scarfs which I am knitting, I reward myself with a multi-coloured scarf, where I use all the rainbow's colours in a fair-isle knit.
It has hundreds of colours so not one that is easily finished, but it is great fun to work on it.

Here you have a layout of the many colours that I used in one section of the scarf - using so many colours does mean lots and lots and lots of ends to sew in.

Here you have a snapshot of the very beginning of the scarf.

The best reason for a knitter to marry is that you can’t teach the cat to be impressed when you finish a lace scarf.
— Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

During 2016, I managed to finalise a few knitted things. Here are some examples:

Here are a few examples of my knitting projects in 2015. 

You don’t knit because you are patient. You are patient because you knit.
— Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

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