This year, I hope to finish the large colourful scarf, designed by Kieran Foley. Many colours still to go!

Kieran Foley scarf 16.JPG
The best reason for a knitter to marry is that you can’t teach the cat to be impressed when you finish a lace scarf.
— Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

In 2017 I managed to finish off some projects, although I always seem to have something waiting in the queue. Here you have some of the gifts made last year, now with happy new owners:

OK. A few scarfs I kept for myself!

During 2016, I managed to finalise a few knitted things. Here are some examples:

Here are a few examples of my knitting projects in 2015. 

You don’t knit because you are patient. You are patient because you knit.
— Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Travel the world ... and ... always bring yarn with you!