Blog Blanket

Jan 2018 2.JPG

For the past three years I have been knitting a square a month inspired by my monthly blog. 

With a total of 40 squares, I’ve decided that this will be the end of the travelling/blogging blanket. Now I just need to knit all the blocks together and frame them all to create a sort of harmony.

Question is: Which colour can combine best these various squares?

Jan 2019 End 1.jpg

My Blue Scarf

blaa sjal 4.jpg
blaa sjal 6.jpg

I’ve just finished the most soft and scrumptious scarf, I think I have knitted so far. And, atypically for me, it is almost monochrome in bluish colours (most of my scarfs are very bright coloured).

The pattern is Brambling Shawl and the softest yarn is Fyberspates Cumulus.

This weekend’s forecast is mostly knitting, with a chance of wine.
— The Art of Knitting

knits from past years

In 2017 I managed to finish off some projects, although I always seem to have something waiting in the queue. Here you have some of the gifts made last year, now with happy new owners:

OK. A few scarfs I kept for myself!

During 2016, I managed to finalise a few knitted things. Here are some examples:

Here are a few examples of my knitting projects in 2015. 

You don’t knit because you are patient. You are patient because you knit.
— Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Travel the world ... and ... always bring yarn with you!