Beginners’ Projects

I have started a new Knitting Circle and I hope that also novices into knitting will be joining us, so we can teach a few more to knit. In this connection, I thought of two good starter projects. Simply knit in garter stitch (all knit stitch) a rectangle, sew it together and voila, we have finger-less mitts.
I knit another square starting in garter stitch from the top and then at the bottom (wrist) introducing the purl stitch so make a cuff. Both are very effect-full, are great starter projects and can be used a nice small gifts for Christmas!

knitting wings

I am working on a large shawl of double knit following an intricate pattern from a 2015 Vogue magazine that hopefully will give me "wings". It is quite detailed and I have a copied the pages of the pattern to make sure that I follow the right row, or my shawl will not be able to "fly" in the end.

winged shawl 5 (2).JPG
winged shawl 6 (2).JPG


Blog Blanket

Jan 2018 10.JPG

It is now more than two years ago, I started to knit a square a month inspired by a monthly blog from the pages you are reading right now. 

After year two, I had 28 squares in total; they picture two years in knits. One more year and a bit, I think that I have a nice history book covering a few years of my traveling life.

Jan 2018 9.JPG
This weekend’s forecast is mostly knitting, with a chance of wine.
— The Art of Knitting

The past three years in knit

In 2017 I managed to finish off some projects, although I always seem to have something waiting in the queue. Here you have some of the gifts made last year, now with happy new owners:

OK. A few scarfs I kept for myself!

During 2016, I managed to finalise a few knitted things. Here are some examples:

Here are a few examples of my knitting projects in 2015. 

You don’t knit because you are patient. You are patient because you knit.
— Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Travel the world ... and ... always bring yarn with you!