The Blog Blanket has reached its goal!

During three years since January 2016, I have been knitting one square a month for my ‘Blog Blanket’. With this project I have tried to make a sort of knitted diary of my observations here on these pages.

Jan 2019 End 1.jpg

A small idea started back then and I stuck to it during the three years which have passed. With the latest December square, I reached 40 squares in all, which means a blanket of 5 x 8 squares - good size of a blanket to supplement my sofa. Now time to figure out how to organize all the squares. Here I have laid them down totally randomly; they could also be arranged with the darkest in one corner ending with the lightest in the opposite; or they could be lined up chronologically as per the calendar months, in which I knitted them. For now I am still figuring out which way might be the best and which colour should be the one to combine them all. I know I want to connect them with a three-needle bind-off including a good solid border, but that is as far I have got in my thinking till now. Any ideas?

Here they all are, starting with the dark green to light green, then dark red to the pink, ending with the more neutral colours.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting ideas and working on these squares each month. Looking at them now, I realize that they span over six different countries visited in the past three years - a real visual diary!