New Year - New Project!

So what's the plan for 2016?

Back in 2014, I started this blog; one of the things that triggered it was my idea to knit a large mosaic art piece, which you have followed ever since - this will still be going on for some time...
In 2015, I decided to have at least one knitting project a month and surprisingly I did manage to do some kind of knit (or crochet) once a month! I will keep informing you of the various projects that I have ongoing - perhaps it might not be one a month, because ...
in 2016, I have envisaged to embark on a new monthly project!
And what might that now be, you will be asking!

Monthly squares for a blanket!
Each  month of 2016, I will have a look at all the photos that I uploaded in my blog of the previous month (or from the same month the previous years), I will select one (or more), get inspired by that photo to design one square. And then I will knit it!
Hopefully, these squares will all become one blanket at the end of the day - still to be seen if this will happen end of this year - or, as I probably will need at least 25 squares, at the end of 2017!


The January Square
Being on vacation means that I already have had the time to work on my January square!
I got inspired by the photo in my post of 27th December where I captured the few winter roses still in bloom in Central Park.

From there I did a few diagrams, both by hand and with my Stitchsketch App, and finally I have done a knitted sample! See my progress here:

I plan to knit each square with a 20/20 centimeter measure. I did calculate my gauge with simple stockinette, but with intarsia knitting this gauge did not add up, so I will have to increase my stitches. Therefore, even if above result is not bad, it does not have the right measurement and I will have to increase the stitch count slightly. Hope to be able to show you a finished and nicely blocked square before long.

And, of course, I hope that you will also enjoy this new journey of knitting. Feel welcome to challenge me and send me a proposal for knitting a square based on one of my previous photos!