Another Yarn Store in Paris

19-01 Lil Weasel 3.jpg

When in Paris a few weeks ago, I sought out new yarn stores as usual when in a different city.

19-01 Lil Weasel 8.jpg

This time I visited Lil Weasel. A quaint small shop located in a very small old covered shopping alley, which is quite difficult to find in the big city of Paris. The whole alley is full of antique and other craft stores. Bunting made of small crochet flags hanging across the alley easily guide you to all the yarn goodies.

The small shop was stuffed with all kind of yarns and across the alley there is a sister shop which sells nice fabric. A must for another visit in the future as this time, unfortunately, they were closed, so I have something to look forward to.

19-01 Lil Weasel 9.jpg
19-01 Lil Weasel 10.jpg