Autumn is indeed over us. Even now I have moved further south to Italy, I feel the autumn sneaking in on us. This weekend suddenly Autumn was all over me from all sorts of directions. Here you have three different versions of Autumn I encountered this weekend.

171104 autumn 2.JPG
171104 autumn 5.JPG

1. Autumn colours on the trees and bushes in town. A city wall was covered in beautiful leaves, all colours ranging from green to yellow and rusty red.

2. Lucy from the crochet blog "Attic 24" made a lovely autumn garland and I fell in love with her photo here below; all about autumn colours. Lucy gives you wonderful ideas and explanations how to crochet various blankets, decorations and so on. Do check her blog out. 

autumn from Attic24 blog.jpg
kickstarter autumn yarn.jpg

3. In the past, I have supported courageous people starting new knitting shops or yarn brands via Kickstarter, and this weekend I came across yet a new yarn, which is called 'Autumn', of course. I supported this pure English yarn and will now be looking forward to receiving a package of brand new Autumn yarn sometime before Christmas. I will let you know the progress with this yarn launch and what I might create with this new wool.

So that was my weekend in the fitting spirit of autumn. How was your weekend?