Iron Stoves

I mentioned my visit to Egeskov Castle in Denmark in some of my previous blogs and I have yet one more small interesting thing to show from that castle. This time not very colourful: black old iron stoves.

The castle has two of the oldest well-kept Scandinavian octagonal iron stoves dating from the end of the 1600s and a few somewhat younger. Amazing what they could form intricate patterns in such hard raw material as iron, and that back then!

17-07 Egeskov 27.JPG

The small box on top of the stove is called a smoke box - very sweet.

17-07 Egeskov 28.JPG
17-07 Egeskov 23.JPG

I was quite amazed about the intricate details in the iron work of the stoves. See for yourself. Wonder if these can also turn into a knitting pattern one day?  

In fact, the stove I Iike the best is the simplest of them all: very square with minimal designs, but look at the flowers at the top and the ribbon pattern in the middle - very elegant.

17-07 Egeskov 24.JPG