Here you have the October Square


As soon as I posted my blog last month about the lonely lamp, I was sure that I wanted to knit it. I wanted to knit the pattern of the shade on the street from the shine of the lamp. It turned out to be more difficult than expected ...

I tried to draw some sort of pattern from the shade, but it looked strange. Then I tried to make up a pattern from the photo with the lamp up front -  I liked my drawing, but how to knit it?

In the end I settled for the lamp design seen from the side, as it has a lovely pattern on the branch holding the lamp. This last attempt turned out much better. 


I really enjoy this monthly challenge on how to turn one of my photos into a knitted square. I keep seeing patterns popping up here and there. I hope one day to take the best of my squares and make a real nice design ... but for now I continue my knitted version of a blog photo.