The park and plants of Egeskov

17-07 Egeskov 12.JPG

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Dahlia and my visit to the park of the Egeskov Castle where a full garden is dedicated to this flower. The Dahlias did not yet flower during my visit, but the park itself is worthwhile a visit.

17-07 Egeskov 13.JPG

It has many different sections. Apart from the Dahlia section, it has this renaissance garden which can be seen from the rooms of the castle. It has sweet fun figure-cut boxwood bushes, a huge vegetable garden and even a a great maze into which you can disappear. I can recommend a visit to this castle on Funen in Denmark, should your way take you there.

17-07 Egeskov 05.JPG
17-07 Egeskov 11.JPG