Micro Libraries in New York City

Give me ten good uses of a wooden box! I, for a starter use five wine boxes as a small bookshelf - my home library. 

So what about one single box? Would you call that a city library? Not quite, right. Go to Copenhagen and you find the Black Diamond of the city which is a great public library. Or have you visited the library in Alexandria, Egypt? A true masterpiece!  I have not even mentioned The English Library in London or the City Library in New York! But the single wooden box of a city library does exist, even in several numbers. Go to Upper Manhattan and you might even stumble into the library "custodian" of these libraries. He is especially active if there has been a big storm or similar as the library literally splits to pieces and need to be repaired. 

Here you see four examples of this kind of species. It's a great concept. A covered box where the residents of the neighborhood can go to exchange old well read books with a "new" one. It's all based on trust and people's interest to read good books for free - and it works! See and try for yourself one day!