Inspiration - Spring Plants

16-02 Plants 3.JPG

This winter has not really been cold and with all the new plants for sale, the Spring starts showing its sign around us!

As always when longing for spring, the temperature dips and winter comes again, so I will be careful with my words. 

Last week, I stumble upon this flower shop with this lovely flower display outside. The sun was shining so good mood automatically comes over us hibernating human beings. 

Just look at all the green with the many fragrant hyacinths and pop of colours in between. One of my favourites has always been a small flower with geometric designs on its flower petals. I call it the chequered lily, but its official name is Fritillaria meleagris.

16-02 Plants 5 garden.JPG

This time I bought a few plants, so I am looking forward to see them flower with their intricate chequered spiderweb patterns in their lovely burgundy colour.  And what skittish pattern they can be!

Right now they do not look like anything but a few green weaklings, but hoping that we will not get too much frost so that they can bloom in all their glory!