Windows of Amsterdam

A long weekend in Amsterdam is always good.  The city vibe is always relaxed and especially this time of the year, when it is not yet too hot with fewer people coming to town.

I had some long lovely walks checking out the houseboats and the narrow houses along the canals. This time, the many windows of the buildings impressed me. Especially one building, where the full roof was replaced by windows was impressing; imagine to have an atelier up there!

But have a look at all the small windows with their bright red shudders - I love their geometry also.

Finally, a trip to Amsterdam also means a visit to "Stephen & Penelope" - the knitting store in Amsterdam. I am sure many of you know of Stephen West' knitting designs. This is his shop and you find some of his scarves there, but also some great brioche knitting by Nancy Marchant, of whom I have got one pattern now.