Small People in a Big World

The new One World Trade Center building opened for the first time back in May last year; a big comeback since the two old Trade Centers went down, as this is now the tallest building in the Western hemisphere! You can visit the top of the One World (100th and 102nd floors) to get a really good bird's view of New York City.

I went there on a cold freezing day but with clear skies, so I literally looked out not only over all five boroughs of New York City and way up the Hudson River, but also to New Jersey and as far as to Pennsylvania.

The view of hundreds of thousands of buildings housing millions and millions of people made me realize how small ants we really are in this world.
I was only looking out onto one city (OK - one of the largest in the world), and that made me think of how small we are in this huge construction of a system, we live in. Yet, the small self can make quite an impact, if it really comes to it.

So the message of the day is "Carpe Diem" - seize the day - and the world - make the most of your time and your opportunities in life. Your life might be short but the world is huge and ready to be explored!