January 2016 VOGUE knitting LIVE!

This weekend, New York has been buzzing with knitters, as the annual Vogue Knitting Live event has taken place these past three days.
This is the first time that I have participated in this event and it is certainly not the last. What a source of inspiration!

I was there during one day only and it was not enough, as new techniques, advice and tips seem to keep popping up everywhere. I managed to participate in a very informative and good class given by the New York based knit & crochet designer, Lily Chin, on how to change garments into knit pieces - something I definitely need to try out.


Jacqueline Fink from Australia gave a very inspiring presentation on her extreme knitting, which was something else out of the (other side of) the World!

And finally, I was totally overwhelmed by all the wonderful yarn stalls presented at the market place. Something for every taste, style and colour. In fact, now I think of it, it might be good I was there only one day, or I might have tripled my yarn stash with all these wonderful yarns.

I can only recommend you to also pass by the Vogue Knitting live event, if you get a chance - you feel so much at home among all those talented knitters, and most importantly you'll learn a lot!