Yarn in all colours & shades

I did it!
I emptied a yarn store  -  almost!
You might have read my block back mid July on Knitsonik where I indeed was afraid of getting too much yarn - but then again, who can get too much of that!?
Felix, the woman behind Knitsonik, recently wrote a blog about obtaining a skein of each individual colour of the Jamieson's yarn, which means more than a hundred balls of yarn - yes you read correctly: +100!
She philosophized that a painter would have around a hundred tubes of paint, so why should knitters not have a hundred balls of yarn.
That argument made it for me! You have already seen the art piece I am constructing of small knit mosaics and this only count 26 different colours and shades.
When visiting art galleries, I always imagine how pieces of art would turn out in knitted versions. And now, finally, I have all the many possible shades you can think of to make that happen!


This rainbow of colors look wonderful, don't you think?
And now to knitting.........