Inspiration : Yarn & Fabric

Do you know the feeling of standing with some lovely skeins of yarn of pure wool in fantastic natural colors. You can smell the wool, feel its natural oil and roughness and almost want to go out to that field to find your sheep. Then you imagine the plants, flowers and fruits that gave the dyed wool its fantastic rich deep and natural colors.

Just by standing in a wool store, I have already taken you on a trip to the the farm and the countryside with roaming sheep and wild plants and flowers.

LYS shop Stoffenidee 1.JPG

I am always in "danger" when entering a wool or fabric store, as I get all these fantastic ideas of things that I can create. With the result that I now have trunks full of fabric and yarn. I very seldom leave such shops with empty hands. Thereafter I dream up lots of lovely things to create with this lovely product that a humble animal as the sheep has offered me.
So indeed wool gives me lots of inspiration just from its texture, colors and style.

The same goes for fabric. One of my favorite fabric stores is Moods in Manhattan. Go in there and thousands of rolls of fabric meet you. I can walk around for hours feeling the fabric, combining the colors and textiles and suddenly have come up with a brand new wardrobe, new curtains or new chair covers.


This autumn, I plan to do the yarn crawl of New York City, so I hope to bring you news of this later on to give you some inspiration from there, too.