Knit at the Market

It was market day today in Brussels or "Brocante", as they call it here. I took the opportunity to see if anyone would be interested in some of the things that I put together, such as the crocheted and knitted apple jackets and the hats in straw, felt and fabric, that I used to create years ago.

It was a beautiful warm and sunny day, and together with a friend, we put a small stand up to exhibit our "wares". Two most popular things of the day were my friend's knitted dishcloths and the apple jackets!

We were the only ones bringing along handcrafted items, so many people were interested in hearing how we were knitting and crocheting. I also think we got a few new members to join our small knitting circle. Next year, we might simply set up a stand where we introduce and teach people how to move these two knitting needles!