My Beautiful Jogging Route

Do you know this feeling of suddenly noticing and then appreciating your everyday surroundings?
These past days, I've enjoyed (and appreciated) enormously my small garden - it's great to have an outdoor place from where I can just go a few steps inside to get refreshments, cool down and otherwise get my necessary (knitting) stuff!

We tend to ignore our everyday routes in our hometowns without appreciating the immediate beauty around us - we simply start taking the well known for granted. For example my jogging route!

One evening while jogging my regular round in the courtyard of the monastery, I realized that throughout my jogging I pass by beautiful places, parks and buildings. Just see for yourself!


In fact, I've altered my daily walk to and from my job so that I each morning and evening will pass by the ponds, which are so tranquil and full of bird life - it prepares me well for a busy workday and winds me down on my return home.
Start watching and appreciating your everyday corners much more. We live in a wonderful & gorgeous world nevertheless.