Inspiration - Knitsonik

If you have not heard or read about Knitsonik and the work of Felicity Ford (Felix), it is about time. Check out her website, or better for your ideas of inspirations, get her book.

It will give you lots of ideas for knitting patterns and colour works, but it will also give you a hint on how, in a new way, to look at things and places you pass by everyday!

Felix has made great patterns with inspiration from asphalt, weeds on the streets and a fruitcake!...

Here you have an example of a drawing and pattern that I am working on - I've started with some bottles.

Right now, I take so many photos to be inspired by, so one day I hope also to have as many great

I have not yet got around to actually get the yarn, so this is next step - argh, I'll end up emptying a yarn store! I am eagerly waiting for a multitude of shades of yarn choices in small skeins of 25g!