Funny little things that you do not need!

I think we all have been to these small shops where they sell lots of little things for your play or art room, kitchen, bath, living room or garden and also food.

Several particularities surprise me about these shops:
• they are all very colorful selling lots of colorful things
• they always have something new fun to offer, even if you think you've seen it all
• all wares offered are relatively cheap or cost next to nothing
• you really do not need any of the things that they sell
• the shops are always full of customers (who actually buy something!)
• you always end up buying something that you absolutely (did not) need!

Even if we do not want to admit it, I think we all end up liking and buying something sooner or later from those shops. 
I always find it amazing that even in recession crisis times (as we still live in these days), there is always business for those shops that sell stuff we do not need.

We can all argue the reasonable in us having to go back to basis and live with fewer things. This will be good both for our own private economy and also for the environment. However, we cannot deny ourselves either the small funny inputs in our daily lives (whether they are small fun inexpensive things or great events) that at the end of the day are good for us and in fact sometimes make us smile more. An economist would also say the more consumerism, the better economy, the more jobs out there, the better and happier lives we have.

I hope it is somewhere right in between the two options. Let us sometimes live far away in the country with only the basics and be self-sustainable, and then at other times we can still be allowed to buy lots of useless small things that give us a laugh!

And who knows...

We knitters might be able to contribute to that fun with our quirky small fun knitted objects, too!