My knitting basket

Last year, I found an old sewing/knitting basket at a flea market nearby my place in Brussels. I immediately saw the potential of the wooden frame, albeit it had a very old and dirty fabric as the actual basket. The "basket" had a hole at the bottom, from where the previous owner pulled out her wool. 

I reinvented this basket a bit.
First I found a fabric from my stock with a bit more colour. Then I started the design on the interior for the organisation of all my knitting tools, such as scissors, magazines, knitting, crochet and sewing needles, and the all important pouches for my wool, for which I punctured holes to the exterior so that I can pull the yarn trough with it still staying in place without being tangled.


How do you like it?
Do you have similar helping compartments in baskets for all your knitting paraphernalia?