Beautiful Flights

You might have read about wonderful services and commodities offered by airlines, where the journalist praises the friendly and efficient cabin service, wonderful tasty food and comfortable chairs with great legroom.
But one part of any flight experience is rarely mentioned or written about.
And that's the view that meets our eyes when looking outside you small goggle eyed window!

I'm not thinking of the boring airport loading and unloading procedures, albeit sometimes it's interesting to watch the captain taking his inspection tour around his plane. No, I am in fact thinking of the beautiful views from high above the sky while flying.
Amazing what you might see sometimes from up there!
Denmark  is a great country to observe from above with its distinct coastline. I have many times managed to spot my tiny village of origin from high above, just by following the creaks and curves of the coastline and suddenly I spot my old school or my brothers' company site.
Much larger cities, such as New York, are also wonderful to fly above. You spot Central Park immediately and from there I have also managed to find my own building. It suddenly puts everything in perspective - you are in fact a tiny ant in this large metropolis of a world!
The absolutely most breathtaking beautiful flight that I have ever taken was on a stretch from Kathmandu in Nepal to Karachi in Pakistan. The sun was about to set over the Himalayas at the time we were in cruising speed and as we were going east, we continued to follow this sunset throughout our flight. Absolutely breathtaking: this orange-red sun setting on the white topped mountains - and this beauty continued for hours! Unfortunately, I was too spellbound to remember to click off this moment in my camera.
However, I have often captured the Alps in its white splendor.

Remember to look out of your plane window ever so often. The world is there for you to take in!