Graphic Design in the German Government Buildings

Think German Parliament in Berlin and you think of German powerhouse government, but think also graphic design!

Indeed, when visiting the Berlin Government buildings during a freezing cold week end of last year, it struck me how much we were surrounded by graphic design everywhere.

First think of the buildings themselves. They are a great study of architecture - old and new.

Then take the German Parliament where each Parliament Member votes by show of cards: blue (in favour), red (against) and white (abstain).
Have a look here how these cards are organised for each member at the entrance to their Parliament Hall - a modern artwork in itself!

And downstairs a wall has been made of all the old filing boxes of each member. Pretty cool, right!

Last but not least, here is a colour feast for eyes and that right outside Ms. Merkel's office.  What colourful inspiration the Government must get before heading to their Cabinet meetings! I just love to see these pieces of art right here in one of Europe's power centers.

I will surely use wonderful colour inspirations for some of my future knitting.  But what? I do not know yet!
And if I get inspiration to simple knitting, what must the Government then get of political inspiration! It cannot go all bad!