Spring is here!

When the blue carpet has been rolled out, you can be sure that Spring has arrived.
Blue - why not red carpet ?
A small forest south of Brussels in Belgium shows its hidden secret only during two short weeks each April. It's secret is it's blue carpet.

Purple bluebell flowers literally carpet the full forest bed during these two weeks. It's a fantastic view and if you happen to go there, you'll feel immediately the perfume coming from all these tiny hyacinths that is fantastic.


It's also a place that every citizen in the neighbourhood of Brussels knows, so one is not exactly walking in a peaceful environment all alone - but then again all interesting beautiful special places fast get popular so you will always have to share with others. It's a good thing that everybody respects the rule of not walking into the flowers so that they can grow freely and continue to seed themselves. It also gives us the opportunity to take some lovely photos...

I intend to use these photos here later for some knit inspiration, so stay posted!