Columbia University

On Broadway and 116th Street, we arrive to Columbia University. I think many have heard of this university but fewer actually knows how beautiful it really is and how large a space it covers of Upper Manhattan. 

It runs over 10 streets from 114th to 123rd Street and when walking on Broadway you have to visit the campus by turning onto the College Walk for a surprising view. Now you feel like you have arrived to a real university campus unlike its NYU cousin to the South. Here you feel the atmosphere of the university spirits immediately. It has some 30,000 students; one of the probably most famous alumni of the University is Barack Obama, but also the former US President Franklin Roosevelt studied here.

While walking on College Walk you have a beautiful view of the old historic buildings right in between the two main library buildings. Also the campus is flanked by a beautiful Cathedral to the south and a bit further north you have another old stunning church. It is one of the oldest universities in the US (founded in 1784), so go and visit if you have not been there yet.

By the way, right before you arrive to the university on 112th Street and Broadway, you will pass by another icon of an American TV series. This is Tom's Restaurant which features as "Monks Diner" in "Seinfeld". You cannot miss it as it proudly presents the names of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer outside. Why not stop for lunch here before visiting the university?