2014 is running out and 2015 is standing ready to hopefully give us all good things, health, events and happiness.

This is the time of the year to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate with good music in the radio and then reflect on the past year and relish in all its good happenings and to make sure that whatever we did not manage in the past year we will try to accomplish in the new one.

So take a day out of your calendar and relish in all those wonderful events of 2014 (and remember the less fortunate times also) - and prepare to make the new year a better one - remember we only get one chance to get 2015 right - carpe diem!

For years, I wanted to write a blog and never really got started. I was wondering if anyone out there really wanted to read anything that I did. This summer when I started my Broadway walk stories, my friend asked me why I did not post this on a blog - good question - so I did! One of my new accomplishments of 2014!

You can now read all about my Broadway walks on this blog. I certainly hope to continue adding a weekly blog to this site also in 2015 and hopefully some will also be exciting reading for you!

To end this year of stories mainly from New York, I would like you to check this link from WNYC radio where they have posted some lovely photos of New York City - I simply cannot do that better, so enjoy! 

Happy New Year!

Godt Nytår!

Bonne Année!