12 Months of Knitting - January

New Year's Resolutions - you like them or not! You have some or not! You fulfill some and most you do not!

We all have our opinions of New Year's Resolutions and personally I don't really do in those, as ideas happily pop up throughout the year of how I can improve, develop, create, be kinder to people, live a happier, healthier life and so on!

But I do have one new idea for my blog (yielded from the many creative blogs around), and this is: 12 knitting projects - one for each month of the year.

I always work on large pieces  - apart from my art mosaic project - such as a sweater or similar, but in parallel I also have smaller projects going on.

I have one particular New York project that I work on whenever I am in the city, so I will start with this as my January project. It is made up of smaller pieces which hopefully one day will create a beautiful end-result: an Afghan blanket constructed with 25 different squares; each square using various knitting techniques and each square designed by American designers from 25 different US States, hence the name "the Great American Afghan". So far I have finished 12 squares. This winter I knitted four of them, so these are the only ones I want to show here as my January project, the other eight can be a surprise for you when the blanket one day hopefully will be finalised.

Hereby I present you my JANUARY PROJECT of 2015!