The City Hall of NYC

Further up the street from Liberty Place, the Manhattan Municipal Building towers in all its splendor, right next to the City Hall and the offices of the New York Major. The 40-story Municipal building is said to be one of the largest government buildings in the world and is an impressive example of the Beaux-Arts architecture, built back in 1914.

It has a special place in my heart, as I got married here. I will always remember this very special and surreal date! The building does not disappoint just when entering - it has its old grandeur in the main entry hall. When stepping out on the floor of the marital registry office, however, you get back to reality of this cocktail mix of a city: dull-looking corridors with grey registration offices, like any other boring communal office you have visited. However, this is a place of happiness and joyfulness, so you quickly overlook the grubby parts. Many happy couples populate this "wedding corridor", and they are the ones who bring life and colour to this place.

Upon a quick peek in this corridor, you might believe it to be an immigration office rather than a wedding registry! All walks of life come here to have one of the most important knots of life tied. I say that there is still hope for the world in the future when you see all mankind from all corners of the world of all colours, beliefs and languages tying the knot here!