Broadway Walk : Wall Street

Happily walking up Broadway, I now arrive to the Trinity Church where you catch the first glimpse of the new NYC Trade Tower. Back ten years ago, you only noticed the clear blue sky and the gaping hole where skyscrapers no longer decorated the skyline - the skyscrapers are back now and what a sight! This old church in the foreground with sky-blue towers hovering behind, mirroring the wonderful blue of the Manhattan sky - a sky which never ceases to amaze me with its blueness in such a huge hub of a world city.

Treat yourself to a small detour past the September 11 memorial - a huge waterfall and you will easily get the scale of what tumbled down that many years ago.

Okay, but let's not forget that we are in the Wall Street area! Broadway meets Wall Street down here and it's not exactly the sight you've would have imagined of the world's most influential financial street in the world. Here Broadway is no longer broad, as two lanes of the street are being dug up for roadworks, so no luring of clinking money sounds meet you here - rather the loud rattle of sledgehammers mingled with the workers shouting across the noise in an American English only the implied will understand, as this language is spiced with so many accents of the world workers - most of them having to look far after the multimillion dollars Wall Street is trading. Not even the hole they've dugged in the street will help them to get to these dollars.

At least we are at Liberty Place, and as for everywhere in NYC you are free to try on your luck with whatever your heart pleases. Just like the twenty or so food vendors on Liberty Place offering you the same kind of hotdog, but in various choices such as Caribbean, Italian, Halal, Kosher or plain....
In between you'll also find a fresh wisp of air from the fruit smoothie sales wagon.