Broadway and Harley-Davidson

Back to Broadway and its Harley-Davidsons. Yes, you read Harley! A couple of streets up from the City Hall you find the flagship store of the Harley's - symbol of the American highways and its motorbikes (who has not heard of Route 66 and the film Easy Rider!). I was there a day in June and Harley-Davidson had just launched their new engine, the LiveWire - an electrical motorbike! Who can believe this: a Harley with a whistle instead of a farting sound and it's environmentally friendly on top of that - the Americans are indeed advancing. Funny to be on Broadway outside this shop, as certain parking spaces are reserved for the Harley bikers coming to the shop. By the way, the coffee in this cosy Harley cafe can be recommended - not your average coffee shop though!

Well, we have just passed number 290 Broadway and still have far to walk till the end of this amazing 'way', so let's continue on our way.