Chinatown in NYC

Canal Street crosses Broadway some ten streets up from the City Hall and welcome to China. Having lived in Beijing, I cannot help smile at the similarities that this end of Canal Street has with some streets of Beijing. You'll meet these ladies holding tiny pictures of "real designer handbags"; if you're interested they'll lead you down some gritty basement where they sell all their wares - very much like in Beijing. Being a creator myself, I am not friend of counterfeit products at all, but in case you still should be tempted - watch out! I have heard stories of two girls being locked inside a NYC basement for hours, while a crack-down of sellers of counterfeit goods took place. 

Go to the East on Canal Street and eventually on your left hand side, you'll find Pearl. The shop I call the best art store in the world! You can browse many floors of whatever your heart desires of art stuff.

But not only China is represented here. This is New York nevertheless! You'll find tastes of the whole world, such as the Danish restaurant, The Copenhagen, right by the Canal Street subway station West of Broadway. Here you'll find a great smorgasbord selection with probably the town's best rye read (I even compare this to my Grandmother's home-baked) and aquavit!