NYC Bakers

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Back to Broadway and the 100th cross street.  

We are getting into the less known stretch of Broadway, as from here it really starts being more and more local, but it is also up here that some of the more interesting places can be found. 

On Broadway and 105th Street you find one of the few bakers in the city that bakes on the spot. As European, the scarcity of bakers in NYC keeps surprising me. In Europe you'll find a baker on almost each street corner - opened from a few hours past midnight till late afternoon. When younger, the best thing we knew after a night in town was stopping at the baker's back door to buy the first bread out of his oven before going home to bed.

Strangely enough, you'll find New Yorkers lining up for hours to buy cupcakes or the latest craze cronuts - only two per person are sold and people happily line from six in the morning for two croissant-like buns! Why do no New Yorkers scream for good old-fashioned freshly baked bread - that I do not understand!

Regular bakers are not easy to find in New York, so you young entrepreneurial bakers out there - I hereby give you all a good business idea here!