A Road Movie

I would like to introduce the very first guest blogger on these pages. I am very pleased to invite Lisa into this blog to write ever so often about her new adventures in her life.

Lisa is a good friend of mine, who has lived in New York the past many years, and now she is on a new adventure to settle down in Los Angeles.

These very days, Lisa is driving from New York City to Los Angeles, and she is kindly sending in updates of her trips of small discoveries on her crossing America. I think most of us are dreaming of one day driving across this great land, so until then, follow her here and in following blogs.


1 -car.jpg

The car I got has a great sound system, it has a sun roof and it's fun to drive!

2 - NJ.jpg

I drove about 4 1/2 hours from NYC to Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. I sat in some traffic going over the George Washington Bridge (which goes over the Hudson River into New Jersey). In PA there was a big thunderstorm with pouring rain, but the rest of the journey was fine - it wasn't too interesting.

I mostly drove to 70's rock & disco - you are all very lucky that you can't hear me singing in the car!

My drive to Ohio was really nice: not much traffic and only a drizzle here and there. I opened the sun roof a few times and sang loudly!

MUSIC:  For those of you who care, I listened a lot to 'Studio 54', '1st Wave' (80's 'new wave' of course!) and Beatles along with BBC and NPR for news headlines. The song of the day for me was "Buffalo Gals"! I haven't heard it in so long, I forgot how much I loved it! Yee haw!

7 - Al's Corner.jpg

FOOD:  The highlight of my day was finding a place for lunch on the Road Food website. I went to Al's Corner Restaurant in Barberton, Ohio since it was closest along my route. Lucky for me, it was one of their "Legendary" picks!


Lisa's first two days' driving is finished. Hope you enjoyed the ride, too. This is the distance, she has done so far.

courtesy: Google maps

courtesy: Google maps