The Long and Winding Road

It is time for the second account of my friend Lisa’s drive across the US. By now, she has well arrived to Las Vegas. Here you have her account from earlier in the week.


18 - Iowa sign.jpg

Leaving Ohio heading west, I crossed into Indiana. I saw a lot of corn fields and farms. Continuing on, I crossed into Illinois; Chicago is north and Lake Michigan reaches downward. The northern border of Indiana/Illinois is in Lake Michigan. Then, the western border of Illinois and Iowa runs along the Mississippi River through Davenport. So the Iowa sign is on a bridge over the river!

13 - Satek winery.jpg

The highlight of the day was a visit to a winery - in Indiana! During the drive, I saw a sign for a winery, so of course I had to get off the highway to check it out! Who knew there were vineyards in Indiana?

19 - cool car.jpg

The traffic was so light today, and the weather was cloudy and overcast. What a pleasure to drive! I saw a very cool car on the highway.

The next morning I left Davenport, Iowa and headed west for about an hour, near Iowa City.

21 - horse.jpg
23 - Kalona (2).jpg

I met up with friends for lunch in a cute Amish town called Katona. On the way, we saw 4-5 horses and buggies. Then, I got back on the road for another 3 1/2 hours to Council Bluffs, Iowa,

Along the way, I was driving west into the sunset. After the sun set, the sky was beautiful. The landscape was quite green and surprisingly hilly. There are mostly farms along the way, the faint smell of manure sometimes... and windmills!

Just before arriving at Council Bluffs, I was listening to one of my favorite albums, Simple Minds' "New Gold Dream". I sang loudly but am sure I got the lyrics wrong because I haven't been able to understand what he's singing for the past 30+ years! 

25 - windmills (2).jpg


Above was the account of Lisa’s 3rd and 4th days of drive from New York City, covering this distance: 

courtesy: Google maps

courtesy: Google maps