Take me home country roads

Here is yet another update from my friend, Lisa. It is her 6th & 7th days of driving across the US this September.


44 - Colorado sign.jpg
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When I drove from Nebraska to Fort Collins, Colorado, I took a secondary road which was so nice and empty at times! It was 2 hours of lovely driving. I stopped for gas in some town in Nebraska and I saw some funny signs!

45 - clouds.jpg

I drove for 4 hours straight after getting gas in Fort Collins. Again it was a beautiful drive, and the scenery began to change again, the clouds were very dramatic. Then in Wyoming, it got browner, there were fewer farms and there were more rocks; not quite mountains, but large rocky hills here and there. The speed limit was 75 in Nebraska and Colorado, but in Wyoming it was 80! Woo hoo!

When I got to my hotel in Rock Springs, Wyoming, I had a hankering for a steak! When in Wyoming....

53 - Rock Springs Coal.jpg

My 7th day really was the best day of driving! First I found a cafe in Rock Springs, Wyoming called the Coal Train Coffee Depot. It was in the old depot building. The woman at the cafe was very nice and told me that their area manufactures coal, oil, natural gas and 'trona' (what goes into baking soda). So the trains go behind her cafe all day long! She suggested I take the Flaming Gorge direction to get to Salt Lake City, so I decided to take a few extra hours and try that route.

50 - Wyoming rock.jpg

Not only was there hardly any traffic in either direction, the scenery was vast and stunning! It changed along the way too, with beige, flatter terrain slowing turning hilly then rocky and mountainous.

I listened to a local contemporary FM station to begin with, and funny enough, I heard "Love on the Rocks" by Neil Diamond then a couple songs later, "You are the Sunshine of my Life" - rocks and sunshine, that pretty much summed up the drive!!

55 - Flaming Gorge dam.jpg
57 - waterfall.jpg

Then I saw the Flaming Gorge dam - I pulled over and went to the observation deck. It was quite beautiful!
Check out that waterfall, can you see it?! It was a dramatic 'mountain' along the road, and I spotted the waterfall as I drove by!

I ended the day’s journey in Highland, Utah, at the home of my friends from Sweden.

Courtesy of Google maps

Courtesy of Google maps