Autumn Herbs

The air is getting colder and it is not normally the time to experiment with seeds in the garden. I could not resist however the small package of seeds on offer in a neighbourhood shop. This box contains small decomposable pots, soil and seeds for four herbs: parsley, chives, rocket salad and basil leaves. So I went for it and sew the seeds in their small pots. I let them grow in my windowsill indoors and then planted in a bigger pot outside about two weeks later.

I documented the progress step by step to see which seeds thrive and which do not. See here the first ten days of growing inside :

From the start it was clear that the rocket salad was the strongest with the basil right after it. It seems to continue as such. After I replanted the small pots in a larger one, the rocket salad and basil continue to grow well. The parsley seems not to like the outdoor (probably too early planted out), so it got a bit stuck. Here is the past month of my herbs being outside with the last photo taken today :

I hope now to get at least rocket salad and basil to harvest for my Autumn cooking. Perhaps I will have to wait for parsley and chives in the Spring instead, but I cross fingers that the parsley will start growing.