1st Knitted Square in 2017

Here comes my first knitted square of 2017 with the hope that I will be able to knit more than the 13 squares I did last year, so that this blanket will be finished by the end of this year. Each square has turned out a bit smaller than expected; I wanted each one to be 20cm x 20cm, instead they are 18cm on each side, so I might need to knit a few more than expected.

For the first square of the year, I have mixed inspirations from both Denmark and New York. My first blog post in December was from the Danish food hall in Grand Central in New York City; here the tile decoration has been inspired by Scandinavian knitting patterns. So with a tile pattern inspired by knitting, of course I had to use these patterns also!

As usual I have used the neutral and green colours of my blanket colour scheme for this square, which is rather sweet.

After now 14 squares I have settled for a grid when knitting fair isle patterns, so each time I start with a grid of 35 x 43 for each stitch to knit.

In case you are inspired to start a similar project, see here my grid paper from the start, and thereafter the final pattern added to the grid.