The Horizon

Living in the city, we seldom get to see the horizon, so when I was at the seaside in Denmark last week, I fully enjoyed the dramatic views to the horizon. I feel I can see beyond the horizon as if I can actually feel the earth bending there where my eyes can no longer follow.

16-07 Horizon Faaborg 4.JPG

These photos are from the South of Funen, near Faaborg. A place where small ferries keep sailing in and out of the port to the small islands in the South Funen Archipelago - can you spot the ferry here? The ferry will disappear behind an island only to reoccur a bit later again when it has had its stop at a small harbour. It also occasionally disappears beyond the horizon for its longer trips.

Travel is a bit like what's beyond the horizon - one never knows - surprises beyond the edge! This unobstructed unlimited view to the seas beyond - one of my favorite views.