Life at the Harbour

Having spent a week living at the harbour this summer, I realised how great it is to wake up to the sound of ships cradling in the water, the seagulls crying out and the fresh wind coming through the windows any time of the day. 

I spent my childhood near the water and did not think twice about its existence back then - it was just taken for given. Now living in a city far from the seaside, I appreciate tenfold the existence of the sea nearby.

The seaside is so full of tranquility that makes one relax and the scheduled rhythm of the many ferries and other boats going in and out of the harbour gives you a stable rhythm in your daily life. 

During the week at the seaside, I was sitting in a window overlooking the harbour while knitting along the square of July as well as continuing on one of my ever lasting sweaters. A most relaxing holiday!