Holiday Greetings with the last Square of the Year

Here comes the last blog of 2016 and also the last square of the year.

At the end of the year, we always look both backwards to the year passed by and try to look forward to the year to come.

Unfortunately, 2016 is not the best year to remember: too many tragic events happened right around us or further afield, so we can only be much more hopeful for 2017.

It is then very telling that when I had to look back to my photos of the November blogs to get an idea for my December square, that I decided to knit the peace sign. While I was knitting it last week, the crazy tragedy in a Berlin Christmas market took place; we have to show gratitude for the freedom we have and make sure that we keep it and also promote it on to the few parts of the world where freedoms are still not taken for granted.

Happy Holidays!