A different kind of horizon

You might have read my two previous blogs about the horizon. The other day I came across a totally different kind of horizon and at a place I did not expect to see it!

I was travelling from Milan to Brussels. As always in the autumn and up to Christmas, Milan has a terrible fog where you can only see about one meter in front of you, so only grayness meets where ever you go.

16-12 Horizon alps 4.JPG

But after take-off from Milan, we came above the foggy layer and this amazing horizon to the Alps appeared right at the edge of the fog. Beautiful blue sky that you definitely do not see on ground and these mountaintops popping up from the fog. Hope you can make out this new mountain horizon also from these photos.

During this flight, I had my knitting with me so while enjoying the view and the blue sky, I also managed a few rows on my nearly finished scarf.