Horizon to the East

Back in August when we still had summer, you would have read my blog about the horizon at the South Danish coast. Now to a totally different and far longer reaching horizon - the one from the American East coast looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. 

Spending a long weekend in September right at the coast, I had lots of lovely walks along the boardwalk looking out to the never ending horizon. Here you will definitely not be able to spot any islands, let alone ferries, though we did spot a cruise ship far out in the ocean one clear day. 

Amazing to think that beyond that ocean lies Europe from where my gaze was just some weeks earlier. 

We human beings seem to always be drawn to the water edge and thus looking out beyond the horizon - to find something better? to be confirmed that indeed something is far bigger than human kind? to be reassured that the sea will always stay the same and that something never change? or does it.......