What a strange week...

I don't really know what to say or how to express myself this week - it's been a strange one - and also at times quite emotional.

I refer to the result of the election in the US this week, but also to today's remembrance in Paris of the shooting and bombing exactly one year ago.

While I do respect the results of the elections, I sympathize with parents who have to explain to their children how a person, who swears and who shows no respect for other people, their beliefs or their specific situations, can become their president. At the same time, some women suddenly feel that a lot of the progress that our grandmothers and mothers fought for is still a long way away.

If we, the people of this planet, show more respect and get to co-exist better, I think we would not have seen the tragic events of Paris last year, nor would a president-elect express himself in such hatred terms.

Let's try to be good to one another again, so that extremists where ever they are do not get their big bite of the cake.

Note that I've borrowed the Respect and Coexist images from Internet. Credits go to the creators of these powerful messages.