Time to knit the World together!

What a wonderful sunny and warm summer weekend, we have had these past three days in Brussels!

The perfect weather to organise the world wide knit along in the many parks and squares that will take place around the world. But - of course - the WWKIP event will first take place next weekend, and after having announced this event in many local places around and with a weather forecast that looked very promising just a few days ago, it now seems to turn to the typical rainy Brussels weather, as we so often see in this city!

With this small post, I just hope that I have appealed enough to our weather masters, so that Saturday 13 June will be a wonderful day everywhere in the world so that indeed we can knit the world together.

Check out this website to see if an event will happen next to you. And if not, why not organize one for yourself? This is what I did.
During the past ten years, I have been living in four different countries and never have had the opportunity to participate. This year I was ready to join the club in Brussels, but of course no event existed, so I had to create my own.

By the end of the day, I hope that people have had a great time with knitting needles and that we will have managed to knit enough squares for one full blanket to sell via e-Bay of which the proceeds will go to a charity.
So come and join us together with more than 50 other countries that day!