From where do we all get inspiration?

I find it amazing how our different our brains work. We all get inspired by many different impressions in many different ways and places, especially at present with images being bombarded at us via the Internet. 
It is these differences between us that give us this wonderful mix of art, design, music, performance, yes whatever!
For my part, I think I have been influenced from all the travels to the various corners of the world and from the culture in the countries in which I have lived.
I love to imagine combinations of the rich colors and intricate embroidery of the East with the subtlety and clean lines of Scandinavia together with the sporty relaxed way of the Americans. And then give all that a touch of myself.
But simple daily objects can also inspire me: yarn, fabric, bottles, plants, street signs, buildings and so on.

I have many great ideas but only manage to carry out very little of it in reality. May it be for lack of time, laziness, or whatever. But each time an idea structs me now I try to write it down - just so that fleeting idea does not disappear again. I think this is also the reason why I started this blog - so that I can remember and get further inspired from the various thoughts that we human beings constantly get bombarded with.
In some of my future Sunday blogs, I will elaborate more on the inspirations I've had throughout my life and travels, and whatever meet me during my day. I might also go back to some of my previous blogs and get inspiration from those.