Inwood and the end of Broadway

The very northernmost section of Manhattan is called Inwood; a nice and interesting neighborhood of town. Off Broadway, the Dyckman Street presents itself in all its Caribbean splendor. At the western end of Dyckman Street you find La Marina - not the best eating place in town by far but it has one of the best kept secrets of the City: a most beautiful view.

But it is not towards west we are heading, rather north till the end of Broadway. By West 211th Street you pass by a small local green market each Saturday morning. Here you find a very good fishmonger who sells fish from the waters around Long Island - lovely fresh!  Best of all, you feel like you are visiting a small village here and everybody knows everybody, exchanges on their lives take place here, on the progress of the kids, career paths, the new scandal in town, the local politicians, all between heaven and earth. Village feel in Manhattan sound far fetched, but it does exist in many of its corners. 

It also feels a bit suburban around here - just look at this below shop!!! Something you mostly see outside the large US cities.

Notice the cow, chicken and sheep!

Notice the cow, chicken and sheep!

Finally at the end of Broadway, the last small gem you find here before Manhattan ends is the Indian Road Cafe. It is here I first joined a weekly Knitting Circle with fellow knitters. In addition to meeting up with friendly skilled knitters, the Indian Road Cafe also has jazz nights ever so often - great local atmosphere. 

So this knitting note is the perfect way to end my Broadway tale. 

Hope you enjoyed walking with me and that you take the tour yourself one day. I will be back with lots more tales from New York, so stay posted and keep happily knitting, walking and exploring!