Broadway, Hudson Heights and Fort Tryon Park

We are approaching the end of Broadway, as we have reached the 190th cross street. Here Broadway runs on the northernmost and slimmest stretch of Manhattan. To the east you have lots of large apartment blocks and to the west a steep cliff side which is the highest point in Manhattan. The top is called Hudson Heights; a part of Manhattan I did not know until I moved to this neighborhood a few years ago. 

This hilly neighborhood does not have any avenues running through it; the main road literally ends in a park so it makes it a nice, quaint and calm place. At its north tip, Fort Tryon Park comes into its glorious splendor especially in the Spring. It is really one of Manhattan's secret green gems. From the highest point on the terraces you have a great view up the Hudson River which is still unobstructed as a certain Mr. Rockefeller, who established the park, also purchased the other side of the river to have a wonderful view from the Manhattan side. 

Go a little further in the park and you come to the Cloisters, a medieval abbey taken stone by stone from Europe and placed here - a wonderful calm place to get the city-stress out of your body and be zen - and this only a subway trip away from buzzing downtown Manhattan (or half a day's walk up Broadway)!

From Broadway, you can get to the hill several ways - there's a very steep staircase at 187th Street which practically takes you back to one of Europe's cities with all these steps, but the most scenic way is to walk through the park from Broadway up to the Cloisters from Riverside Drive, right where Dyckman Street crosses Broadway. 

If you enjoy gardening, you can participate in one of the Park's free Sunday walks where you get to know every single plant and tree growing there. 

This park is a treasure which I hope will stay with us always as a small rare green city gem!